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Dr. Ravi Jaiswal is a highly skilled Medical Oncologist. Currently, he is a Consultant Medical Oncologist at Care Hospital Raipur, Chattisgarh. He is trained at top medical institutes in India. He did a fellowship in Oncology from Cleveland Clinic, USA. He holds MRCP (UK) and ECMO (Europe) certifications. He is an expert in Immunotherapy, targeted therapy, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, and palliative care. He has a special interest in blood cancers and bone marrow transplants. He is an academic scholar and an advocate of personalized cancer treatment. He has published papers in leading Oncology journals.

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Cancer screening aims to detect cancer before symptoms appear. This may involve blood tests, urine tests, DNA tests, etc.


Diagnosing cancer at its earliest stages often provides the best chance for a cancer cure.


There are different types of treatments that are applied simultaneously depending on the cancer type.

Tumour Board

It refers to a group of doctors with different specialties that meets regularly to discuss cancer cases.

Personalized Cancer Therapy

Personalized cancer therapy can help make a more accurate diagnosis and improve treatment

Precision Oncology

It is a moment in oncology when cancer care is no longer generalized and one size fits all, instead, it is becoming ever more personalized, precise, and individualized for each patient.

Counselling & Support

Counselling can help patients to overcome the depression and anxiety that cancer can cause. We provide counselling and support to cancer patients.

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Types of Cancer Treatments


A Medical oncologist Dr Ravi Jaiswal can remove the tumour and any surrounding tissues if a biopsy finds cancer cells. Radiation oncologists are medical professionals that treat cancer patients with radiation, both externally and inside. In order to shrink tumours and destroy cancer cells, external radiation treatment employs high-energy photon beams. Intravenous, intravenous, or intravenous radiation therapy (IVRT) are methods. Iodine-131 is one such radioactive substance. In Raipur, Chhattisgarh has a well-experienced oncologist for the treatment of cancer. Medicine’s approach to treating cancer may be categorized as either medical, surgical, or radiation. They are different types of oncologists who can do their different work:  There are many types of cancer treatment Consult Dr. Jaiswal.

  • Surgery Radiation Therapy, Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy to Treat Cancer, Targeted Therapy, Hormone Therapy, Stem Cell Transplant



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