Lung cancer treatment in Raipur

Treatment of Lung Cancer in Raipur – There is a kind of lung cancer known as lung cancer. Each time your breath, your lungs take in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide, two spongy organs in your chest.Cancer Treatment in RAIPUR, Chhattisgarh. Worldwide, lung cancer kills more people than any other kind of cancer. As with any other disease, lung cancer may arise in persons who have never been exposed to tobacco smoke. The longer you’ve smoked and the more cigarettes you’ve smoked, the greater your chance of developing lung cancer. After years of smoking, you may greatly lower your risk of getting lung cancer by quitting.

Lung cancer treatment in Raipur,

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In the early stages of lung cancer, there are usually no signs or symptoms. Lung cancer symptoms often appear once the illness has progressed to an advanced stage.Lung cancer symptoms may include the following:Something that won’t go away: a new cough, coughing up blood, no matter how tiny a quantity is, Breathlessness, Aches and pains in the chest, Hoarseness, Weight loss without effort, Aches and pains in the bones, Headache.Medical Oncologists are doctors that specialise in the treatment of cancer.Consult with your doctor if you notice any long-lasting signs or symptoms.Consult with your doctor for help if you’ve been unable to stop smoking.


Counselling, medicine, and nicotine replacement products may all be recommended by your doctor to help you kick the habit.

CAUSES People who smoke and those who are exposed to secondhand smoke are both at risk for developing lung cancer. Lung cancer may also strike persons who have never smoked or who have just been exposed to secondhand smoke for a short period of time.

Contact +91 7879440744

Lung cancer treatment in Raipur, Contact +91 7879440744

Lung cancer may not have an obvious aetiology in some circumstances.Lung cancer with smoking: The cells that lining the lungs are thought to be damaged by smoking, which is why doctors think it causes lung cancer. Cigarette smoke contains carcinogens, which cause lung tissue alterations practically instantly when inhaled.At initially, your body may be able to heal the harm it has been dealt. Normal cells that lining the lungs get destroyed with each subsequent encounter. Cancer may arise as a result of long-term damage to the cells.


Types of cancer of the lungs 

Lung cancer may be classified into two broad categories:A kind of lung cancer known as small cell lung cancer. Non-small cell lung cancer is more frequent, but small cell lung cancer occurs nearly exclusively in heavy smokers, Lung cancer that is not of the small cell kind. Several different kinds of lung cancer fall under the broad category of non-small cell lung cancer. Adenocarcinoma and big cell carcinoma are examples of non-small cell lung cancer that fall within this category.


Scannable lung cancer in the general population. A low-dose CT scan may detect early signs of lung cancer in those who are at higher risk of the disease. It is common for older folks who’ve smoked for a long time or who’ve just stopped to be given lung cancer screening. Consult your physician about the possibility of lung cancer. If lung cancer screening is suitable for you, you and your doctor may decide together.


In order to detect lung cancer, there are several diagnostic procedures, X-rays and MRIs. In certain cases, a lung scan may detect a tumour or nodule that is abnormal. An X-ray may miss tiny abnormalities in your lungs that a CT scan may identify, Cytology of sputum. Cough sputum examined under a microscope may indicate the presence of lung cancer cells if the patient has a cough and sputum is being produced as a result, Samples of tissue (biopsy). A biopsy is a process that removes a sample of aberrant cells. Contact us!

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