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Cancer is a prevalent illness. Almost all of us have been touched by the news of a loved one being diagnosed with cancer. Advances in early identification, treatment, and management have allowed survival rates to rise even though it’s still a top cause of death in Raipur. An oncologist is a doctor who focuses only on cancer diagnosis and treatment. In order to successfully explain knowledge to their patients and other healthcare support employees, they must be skilled communicators. To ensure the safety of their patients, oncologists carefully track and document every detail of their treatment. They also use instruments that need extreme precision and may be dangerous if used incorrectly. The ability to diagnose a patient’s symptoms and give the necessary therapies is one of their strongest suit, especially when a patient’s life is in danger.


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Is there more than one route to becoming an oncologist and what are the differences between them? What medical diseases come within the purview of an oncologist, and how much do oncologists make on average? Before embarking on a career in oncology, people should ask themselves these questions. what the specification of the oncologist can do? It is up to oncologists to plan out and carry out a patient’s treatment plan from diagnosis all the way to the last stages of cancer therapy.

Their duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Cancer diagnosis and stage are explained in detail,
  • a discussion of the many treatment choices available and the outcomes expected from each,
  • Providing high-quality treatment with compassion,
  • assisting a patient to cope with the signs and symptoms of cancer and the therapy for cancer,
  • knowledge of the symptoms and indications of various malignancies and how they impact the body as a whole is essential,
  • Determine which tests are necessary to accurately diagnose cancer and interpret the test findings,
  • such as CAT or MRI scans, biopsy results, and ultrasound results,
  • Recommending a suitable cancer treatment plan,
  • which may involve medicine (chemo/radiation),
  • surgery (surgical removal), or hospice care,
  • Care and support for patients throughout their treatment and afterward,
  • becoming informed on the most recent oncology-related scientific developments,
  • Patients and their family are treated with compassion and respect.


Medicine’s approach to treating cancer may be categorized as either medical, surgical, or radiation. Each oncologist will choose to specialize in one of these areas of expertise. They are different types of oncologists who can do their different work: Doctor Ravi Jaiswal¬†that specialize in nonsurgical cancer care are known as medical oncologists. Chemotherapy, biologic therapy, hormone therapy, and targeted therapy are a few of the treatment options available. Treatment strategies for cancer are coordinated by medical oncologists, who also keep a careful eye out for any adverse effects.


For patients who have completed their therapy, they also provide follow-up care, Oncologic surgeryA surgical oncologist is the initial port of call for patients with cancer suspicions. Patients who have been diagnosed with cancer by their family doctor will be sent to an oncologist for additional testing. Small pieces of aberrant tissue are removed and tested for cancer cells by surgical oncologists. Surgical oncologists may use this information to identify cancer kinds and stages.


A Medical oncologist Dr Ravi Jaiswal can remove the tumour and any surrounding tissues if a biopsy finds cancer cells. Radiation oncologists are medical professionals that treat cancer patients with radiation, both externally and inside. In order to shrink tumours and destroy cancer cells, external radiation treatment employs high-energy photon beams. Intravenous, intravenous, or intravenous radiation therapy (IVRT) are all methods of delivering radioactive material into the body. Iodine-131 is one such radioactive substance. In Raipur, Chhattisgarh have a good experienced oncologist for the treatment of cancer.

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