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Cancer Treatment in Raipur for Ovarian Cancer of the ovaries is the result of an abnormal proliferation of cells in the ovaries. It is possible for the cells to penetrate and kill healthy bodily tissue because of their rapid growth and multiplication. RAIPUR, CHHATTISGARH, HAS AN EFFECTIVE TREATMENT FOR OVARIAN CANCER. Treatment for Ovarian Cancer.


Each ovary in the female reproductive system is located on each side of the uterus, making two ovaries total. Approximately the size of an almond, each ovary produces one egg as well as estrogen and progesterone hormones. Surgery and chemotherapy are often used to treat ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer signs and symptoms may include: Ovarian cancer may not create any visible symptoms when it initially starts. Symptoms of ovarian cancer are sometimes misdiagnosed as those of more prevalent illnesses.

Ovarian cancer treatment in Raipur

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Symptoms of ovary cancer:

  • Swelling and/or bloating of the abdomen,
  • when you eat, you feel full quickly.,
  • Loss of weight,
  • Pain in the groyne region,
  • Fatigue, a sore back,
  • Promptness to go to the bathroom,
  • urge to urinate often.

Medical Oncologists are doctors that specialise in the treatment of cancer. If you see any signs or symptoms that concern you, schedule an appointment with your doctor right away. Ovarian cancer risk factors include the following: Old age.


As you become older, your chance of developing ovarian cancer rises. It’s most often seen among the elderly, Gene alterations that may be passed down across generations. Some ovarian tumours are the result of genetic mutations that are passed down from generation to generation. BRCA1 and BRCA2 are two genes linked to an increased risk of ovarian cancer. Breast cancer risk is also increased by these genes. Ovarian cancer has been linked to a number of additional gene mutations, including those related with Lynch syndrome and the genes BRIP1, RAD51C, and RAD51D, Ovarian cancer runs in the family. Contact us!



There is an elevated chance of ovarian cancer if you have a family history of the illness, Obesity is being overweight. Obesity raises the risk of ovarian cancer by a factor of two, Replacement treatment for postmenopausal hormones. The use of hormone replacement medication to alleviate the symptoms of menopause may raise one’s chance of developing ovarian cancer, Endometriosis. Endometriosis is a condition in which tissue that resembles the lining of your uterus develops outside of your uterus.


This may be quite painful, Age at which menstruation first begins and when it ceases. Ovarian cancer risk may be increased if menstruation begins earlier or menopause begins later, or if both occur, never having had a baby. Ovarian cancer risk may be higher for women who have never been pregnant.Ovarian cancer causes: Although the exact aetiology of ovarian cancer is unknown, scientists have discovered some risk factors.When cells in or around the ovaries have alterations (mutations) in their DNA, ovarian cancer develops.


A cell’s DNA includes all of the instructions that teach it how and what to function. The alterations instruct the cells to replicate and expand rapidly, resulting in a mass of cancer cells. In contrast to healthy cells that would perish, cancerous cells are able to thrive. They may spread to other sections of the body by breaking off from the original tumour and invading neighbouring tissues. Ovarian epithelial cancer. The most prevalent kind is this one. Serous carcinoma and mucinous carcinoma are among the many subtypes of this disease, Tumors of the stroma. Most of the time, early stages of ovarian cancer are detected in these uncommon tumours, Tumors arising from the proliferation of germ cells. These uncommon forms of ovarian cancer often strike women in their forties or fifties.Contact us!

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